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What are the costs of building a website?

There are three costs to building a website, these are:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Web Design

Domain Name

This is the name of the website itself, for example

A website's name (domain name) has to be registered in order for it to be used exclusively by you for your website. There are many companies, called registrars, where a domain name can be registered, GoDaddy is a very popular one and there are many others. These normally cost about $10 a year to register. Most web designer have their own registrars they use to register a domain name.


When a website is built we have to have a place to build it, this is on a server connected to the internet and accessible to the general public, this is what we call hosting. This is a monthly cost associated with every website. Hosting can sometimes be provided by your web designer, O.T. Web Designs does provide hosting, sometimes you have to find your own. Monthly costs can range from $5.00 to well over $100.00 a month. It all depends on what services you require. For most general websites the costs are under $25.00 a month.

Web Design 

This is the cost of building the actual website and is usually the most expensive. The design and construction of a website can be anywhere from free to several thousands of dollars. I never recommend a free website, they usually have limited design capabilities and are fairly generic looking. For small businesses the general cost range of a website is between $400-$750. The cost really depends on what you need and want with your website. For a e-commerce site (a site that sells products directly on-line) the costs are considerably higher.  

These cover the basic costs of a building a website. There can be other costs, your web designer would inform you of any other others during your initial consultation with them.


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