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For a small business website we can either redesign your current website, update it or build one from scratch.

As part of the design process we need as much information from you as possible. As we do the initial consulting process we can provide you with a needs analysis form to give us all the information we need to do your website up just right. We tailor each website we do to fit your needs.

We are not just another website building company, we can build sites that are essentially a phone book ad, but why?

We can create a website that suits the exact products or services your company produces or provides, detailing those services/products, provide video or photo galleries of your work and then optimize your site so that when anyone types in your company's name in a search engine it appears on the first page.

Which one of those would you like?

When we design a website, we consult directly with you after our preliminary design is done. We then modify it as you want long before it is put on-line. If you have a maintenance contract with us, we will continue to update your site month to month.

We can create almost anything you want in a website. We believe in honesty. If we can't do something, we'll figure out how or tell you we can't.

If we are doing a Search Engine Optimization program for you we can get quite detailed. This is a tailor made program based on our consultation with you to determine your exact needs and after our evaluation of how to get you the results you want. 

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