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A business website is necessary to compete in today's market.

A basic website can start as low as $549.

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Search Engine Optimization can be expensive for some businesses, at Out There Web Designs we are the Affordable & Effective Solution for your business.

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Is your website on the first page of Search Results? 

Are you getting any business from your website?

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Internet Marketing is vital for a business if you want to get on top and stay there.

Most small businesses have tried paid ads and failed miserably at it. This is very understandable, running a paid ads campaign takes a lot of attention and effort a business owner simply doesn't have time to mess around with these. 

At Out There Web Designs we can design, set up & manage your paid ad campaign and keep it affordable and effective. 

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This is an excellent question to ask yourself and honestly the answer may surprise you, you might need one desperately and you might not need one at all. You need a professional to tell you one way or the other and only a true professional will tell you this.

If you are a new business you need to promote and market yourself, you need to make yourself known. In this case think of a website as a phone book ad (it's not really but it gives you an idea of what to compare it to). More people use the internet now than ever before, few people look up anything in the phone book, they use a search engine and find it on the web. People go to the internet to research what a company can do for them. You need a web presence so potential clients can get informed.

A website is one tool in an marketing strategy to be used to showcase what services or products you provide, informing the potential client/customer about it and then getting them to buy it.

This is where we come in. We design a website that can easily be found on the internet, informs them of what you do and provides a way for them to contact you to do business with you. We specialize in creating effective websites.

Photo/Video Galleries

Showcase Your Work

As an example of this one of clients uses the photo galleries on his website to show to potential customers to close jobs. He simply directs them to his website, asks them if they want work done similar to that and they close. He has closed several jobs this way.

Search Engine Optimization

Giving your website the edge it needs when your product/service is being looked for on the internet. SEO can be very detailed work. We can do basic SEO to get you started if you have a new website or we can provide a month-to-month SEO service that keeps you getting the rankings you want. SEO is not a one time thing, it is something that you constantly have to work at, your competition is and you should too.

Content Management

Gives you the ability to write informative articles to educate potential customers in what you can do for them. This is the easiest possible method to modify and update the content of your Website to keep your clients/customers in the loop on recent news.

Hosting Services/Domain Names

We also provide our own hosting services so we can host your website and provide the domain name that you want.

Webmaster Services

At Out There Web Designs we want to make your website as useful to you as possible. One of the ways of doing this is providing a service where we manage the website for you. For a monthly fee we will update your site with new pictures, video's, articles, etc. This takes the burden off of you and we can manage the content that much better making a website that constantly has fresh new material for your clients, customers and potential clients. You can provide the pictures and video's or we can take them for you, depending on your location.

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