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$199 /month

2nd Tier

$499 /month

Our SEO programs are a combination of on-site and off-site SEO strategies designed to get your website on the first page of search engine results. Each SEO program is specifically tailored to your business.

Basic SEO – Our basic SEO service consists of our Webmaster Service, on-page SEO modifications, getting and maintaining your business in on-line business directories, both local and national. These are referred to as NAP listings (Name, Address, Phone Number). By ensuring your business listings are correct and uniform across the internet helps the search engines to find you and rank you appropriately.
These listings are done manually to ensure all the information is correct. Direct access to the listings can be provided to you.
1st Tier SEO – NAP Listings, Webmaster Service. Basic link building. A professional writer will be locating blogs that are specifically related to your business and post relevant comments and link back to your site. Sometimes this will entail adding new fresh content to your site to link to. This is a manual process and not automated. This adds the human touch that Search Engines love.
We'll be creating 4 links a monthly using your top keywords.
2nd Tier SEO – NAP listings, Webmaster Service. Our link building is taken to the next level. We go after High Impact Contextual Links. We find authority websites related to your business and create links back to your site using your main keywords. We create up to 10 of these links a month. These links are generated manually, this is not an automatic process. These are semi-permanent links and will be there for a long time.
These sites have the following profiles:
  • Trust Flow (TF) = 20+
  • Citation Flow (CF) = 20+
  • Referring Domains (RD) = 20+ (minimum 10+)
  • Domain Authority (DA) = 20+
  • Page Authority (PA) = 20+
  • Non spammy backlink profile
3rd Tier SEO – We combine all of services in this package to give you the top level SEO service at the best possible price.

Social Media Marketing - This is an add-on service. We post freshly written articles to your social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) on a regualr basis throughout the month. We link directly back to your website and include posting regular blog posts on your own website (if you do not currently have a blog, we'll create one for you). The articles & blog posts are written by a professional writer using your top keywords.

This service costs $500 a month and can be done in conjunction with the above SEO programs or as a separate service.

Your Very Own Wikipedia Article!

Brand new NICHE RELEVANT page with a link to your website posted on Wikipedia!
This is a professionally written Wikipedia article specifically written for your business
niche. A permanent article with a high value link going directly to your website.
One time cost of $250 per page.

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